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You may be surprised to know that, like in fashion, there are also colour trends in dogs. It comes in waves, with certain colours, patterns, or markings being more popular in certain years, and then giving way to another trend. In truth it does not matter as all Havanese colours are equal with no colour being more important than any other. Despite this, colour trends are apparent.

While it might be understandable that some people have a colour preference when selecting a family companion, you might be surprised to know that breeders succumb to trends as well. In part this is to breed to what is in demand, with less inclination to breed a colour that is less desirable.

How trends affect registration

These popular trends can also affect registration. In some people's minds, the colour Sable is common while Brindle sounds more exciting and Agouti sounds most exotic of all. There may be mis-registrations in the name of having the "in" colour. Wanting a dog to be brindle because it sounds more exiting does not make it so.

Sable Sable

The clear Havanese is another place where mis-registrations commonly occur. Red and Gold are both clear colours, there is no black in the coat at all. If a puppy has black tipping, then he is a Sable; a red sable or a gold sable to be sure, but a sable nonetheless. Wanting it to be clear red does not make it so.

red red Sable

In Havanese, all coat colours are equal. Register what you see, and what you have, not what you want.

The rare ones

Some breeders may charge higher prices for certain colours. It is true that some colours are less common, but it is also possible that an unscrupulous breeder misnames colours to make them sound more special or desirable or even uses made-up colour names to further the impression of rarity and justify higher costs or give an impression of greater value. For some, it is a sign of status to own something "rare", and are willing to pay for it.

A lower or higher price does not indicate a lesser or higher value or worthiness. If the price is higher, be sure to ask why and know what you are getting. There is nothing wrong with wanting or owning a less common colour but do not let a trend, or a quest for rarity, be your only guide in selecting a Havanese.