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As you may have noticed, the manners in which colours are registered vary from country to country. The AKC registry has the most options for colour/pattern/marking choices. The Australian registry has the least options.

If you have a Havanese that is multi-registered in more than one country, it is not uncommon to have it be listed with a different colour in each registry.

  • The colour champagne is called cream in the USA, fawn in Australia and beige in many European nations.
  • A dog listed as tricolour on his CKC registration papers may be listed as black & tan with white markings on his AKC registration papers.
  • The colour silver may be listed as grey in many European countries.

    This is obviously important in terms of registration but is equally important to keep in mind when talking to Havanese breeders and owners from other countries or when researching pedigrees. What might at first glance appear to be a poor choice of colour designation, may in reality simply be a limitation of that particular registry.

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