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The American Kennel Club (AKC) registration has the most colour choices for Havanese of any registry. As opposed to other registries which only allow one single choice, the AKC allows multiple choices. With almost 20 standard colours, several more alternate colours and a selection of markings to choose from, this translates to approximately 200 possible combinations. The list of colour choices may change from time to time. Those below are directly from the AKC website as of April 2013.

AKC colour selection

When registering colour with the AKC, one choice may be made from the Colours section. It may be a standard colour or it may be an alternate colour. Some colours listed here are solid colours while others are mixed (dark/light) patterns. Choose the one that fits your dog best.

CKC colour codes

AKC marking selection

For many dogs, a single choice from the colours section may be
all you need. If your Havanese has white or colour markings, in
addition to his base colour, you may also make a secondary
selection from the Marking section.

AKC colour selection

Where none of these colours or combinations seem to describe your Havanese, there is the option of choosing "Other". In this case, you will need to submit a photo along with your request.