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QUIZ # 2

What colour is it?

CHALLENGE - Below is a simple exercise to illustrate how colour designations can be so confusing. If you only look at a puppy picture, some colours are relatively easy to know what they will be as adults while others are a lot more challenging. Sometimes accurate, and sometimes not, it's an educated guess and not necessarily genetic fact. If you only look at an adult, you will only see the result of all the changes wrought by colour and modifying genes. In many cases, it is an even less accurate guess of what a dog is genetically carrying for colour. Look below and see what "your" guess is.

Appearance and colour wise, these four dogs are very similar as adults. Looking at them, what colour would you guess they are?

Quiz pix 1 Quiz pix 2 Quiz pix 2 Quiz pix 3

   Dog # 1        Dog #2       Dog # 3        Dog # 4

Figured it out? See the answer page and find out how well you did.

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