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QUIZ # 1

Litter study

The interplay of so many genes and possible variations is what makes Havanese colours so intriguing but also complicated; however, colour in Havanese is not as unpredictable as it first seems. Even only one litter can tell you a lot of information about the potential coat colour genetics of the Sire and Dam. Watching a litter as it grows to maturity can tell you even more. Sometimes you have to look forward, other times you have to look back. The more you study a line and how colours are linked, the more information you will have and the more you will know about it. Let's now take a look at our Sample Litter.

Meet the parents

The sire is clear Champagne and the dam is Black and Tan.

Meet the puppies

Five puppies of five different colours were born.


What do the sire and dam tell you about themselves and what more can you learn about them from looking at the puppies produced in this litter?

See the answer

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