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The pads of the feet, like the nose, are made of skin that has a horny outer layer making it thick and leathery. Pads match the nose colour. A dog with a black nose will have black pads. A chocolate dog will have brown/liver pads. A dilute dog will have dilute colour pads. The rough surfaces that dogs walk on abrade the pads slightly. It is not uncommon that pads are somewhat lighter coloured than the nose. Many, but not all, Havanese have fully coloured pawpads. Those that do not have full pigmentation will show mottled pads with areas of colour as well as areas of pink.

Black pads         Brown/liver pads       Incomplete colour pads

Black pads   Brown pads     mottled


Nails also match but only to a certain extent. A dog with a black nose will have dark/black nails while a chocolate dog will have brown nails. The nails may be coloured black, brown or grey, translucent milky white, or even a combination of these. Generally, the nails of dark coloured dogs will be all dark but there may be a few white nails as well. Lighter coloured dogs, chocolate dogs and dilute dogs often have one or more nails that are white, perhaps all of them. White nails sometimes seem to pair up with a pink coloured paw pad but not necessarily.

Black nails         White nails         Mixed colour nails

Black nails   Brown nails    white nails